"Passion without precision is chaos." We give you your individual precision

W E L C O M E  T O  T H E  P R O D U C E R S  F O R G E 

  • ► You want to professionalize yourself to produce music?
  • ► All knowledge & skills about E.M.P. (Electronic music production)
  • ► Continuing education as a CREATIVE MUSIC & AUDIO DESIGNER
  • ► Let your artistic substance sound in real time!
  • ► Make yourself an unrivaled performer as an artist / DJ through successful releases!
  • ► Film music, soundtrack, audio design, media design image & sound

D I V E R S I T Y   M A K E S   T H E   M A G I C

The Produzentenschmiede / Producers Forge founded 2009 has refined the seminars to the optimum with more than 400 participants in the last 10 years.

All seminars & workshops are ONE TO ONE & individual tailored to you.


Based on all generally valid references, which are essential, we convey the decisive contextual knowledge for the professionalization of electronic music production. This is applicable to all genres of electronic music. Your sound and substance are unrivaled the main element as an artist in the market and our goal to make it sound!

The advanced training offers of the producers' forge are aimed at people from the club music industry, prosumers, DJ's and creative business / radio / television / film production / advertising agencies / web design / social media / marketing companies / entertainment industry (labels / publishers / distribution / Booking Agencies / Music Editors / Multi Media / Manufacturer of Sound Music Event Technology & Software is also certified as such.

T H E  T E C H N O  P R O D U C E R  U N I T

CREATIVE MUSIC & AUDIO DESIGN E.M.P. (Electronic music production)

The whole reference package of electronic music producing in a 3 days* seminar.

*The content will be lectured  in your possible speed and possibilities doesn't matter how long it takes in reality.

The generic term for the state of the art possibilities that currently enable a person to produce broadcastable / finished productions that meet almost all the needs of different markets. This definition summarizes all those needs that are possible in the practice of this profession.The required knowledge and skills are fully taught and certified in the following factors.

·     Basics of studio technology - Midi- & Audio controlling

·       Hybrid way of working Hard software usage

·       Sequencing / Recording - Ableton Live

·       Sampling - Audio Formats - Sound Design

·       Editing / Sound Synthesis / Effects & Tonalization Measures

·       Music Theory & Harmonics Ear Training - Composition Theory

·       Songwriting (Radio & Club) Arrangement staging, remix

·       AV Media Design - Audio Logo - Audio Branding

·       Industrial presentation variants / briefing productions

·       Score / Score writing / Soundtrack / AV synchronization

·       Post production & completion broadcastable formats

·       Mixing Media (Web TV Radio) - Club

·       Audio Microscopy / Psycho Acoustics / Audio Leveling

·       Music Business and Backgrounds

·       Buy out / License Leasing / Administration

·       Synchronization & Copyright & License & Contract

·       Exploitation rights - contractual variants, service, order,

·       Remix, GEMA, GVL

·       Label Deal, label, distribution, placement in the market, project, artist design - economic positioning

·       The goal is to be able to independently sound / produce your real substance in real time in real time.

·       Ableton / Cubase / Logic (Like you wish your preferred DAW)

-       Music Law / Market Placement / The own label / Distribution / Music Biz

After the seminar we stay on your side like a membership.

Over the years, we have become one of the institutions of electronic music production training in Germany.

Authentic, because we do not live by teaching, but actually what we teach. About the recommendations of our participants, we have against any skepticism or criticism and can grow on it.

The seminar contents are constantly updated according to market developments. MUSIC VIDEO PRODUCTION - AUDIO DESIGN - and more.


The days when music producers have to use other structures for music videos that not only cost money, but also that the creative visualization process is no longer independent to produce a credible video are over. Youtube Records is now the most democratic music era that has ever existed. The public itself decides what takes place and no longer certain decision-makers in the record companies.

Therefore, a good production justifies or conquers the world with an image-just visual medium called MUSIKVIDEO for Youtube and more.

It is Plattencover homepage playback medium in one!

It sounds like it looks like it sounds like it!

Clearly a new development in order to establish and sell the profile of a project.


► 1 DAY - Intensive SINGLE WorkshopThe whole Techno club music package is expecting you
• What is music?• Bass customer (all 3 elements)• Basic Tone & Tonalization Methods (Theory & Implementation Ableton)• Club Mixing (Dynamics & Pressure - Frequencies & Phases - Audio Microscope)• Sounds own signature (3 kinds of sounds - procurement - sound laboratory)• Club productions (all 4 possible variants) • arrangements & staging methods (theory & implementation)• Establishment & placement in the market (own releases / bookings)• Image Setup & Music Video & Live Performance Available also on Skype